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Loft Wedding Venue Outside Chicago

The Ashbury is the newest loft wedding venue in Chicago operated by the Haight Family.

When we say family, this includes our amazing team that has experience hosting, planning​,​ and coordinating over 1000 events. With deep roots in Elgin​,​ we decided to launch a new venue in the heart of the city. Your event will be an affair to remember when you choose The Ashbury. We layer every celebration with our distinctive blend of sophistication, history, and local charm.

About The Ashbury

The Ashbury has multiple facades, but its primary entrance is at 1 Douglas Ave. 

The current structure was built in 1874 as the Kelley & Todd Block. There was a drug store on the first floor of that building from the beginning up to the early 1940s. The upper floors were lodging rooms and the Moose Lodge meeting hall.​ ​


While many of Elgin’s pioneers made their money through farming or the dairy industry, William G. Hubbard made his fortune through the dry goods business. Hubbard, a pioneer merchant, opened his building on the corner of Chicago and Douglas in 1851. It was there that he kept company with the best of the movers and shakers that Elgin had to offer. One of Hubbard’s original tenants was John Newman, owner and operator of Springbrook Creameries, as well as the owner of over 500 dairies. His other tenants were many of the German enterprises of the day, including Siedel’s Bakery, Adler’s clothing store, and Pabst Chicago House.


The original wooden building was destroyed in one of Elgin’s worst fires ever, on March 23, 1974. The fire shattered the glass windows across the street and seared buildings blocks away. It would be replaced with a white brick building that connected many other buildings on the block via the second and third floors. The second building would come to be known as The Lawyers Building, which was gutted by fire in 1979. It was torn down in 1980. The building was reconstructed​ in 1999. The second and third floors are connected to the building next door on Chicago street giving the total structure a footprint of 38,000 sqft. Much of the structural elements of the rebuilt building were reclaimed from previously used brick and timbers from other period buildings that were torn down.

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"I said I love you and that's forever. And this I promise from the heart. I could not love you any better. I love you just the way you are."

Billy Joel

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