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Can you create a small, intimate setting at your venue?

Absolutely! Our venue adapts to fit any size event.

How much does it cost to hire a vendor through you?

We do not book your vendors, however we offer you a list to work off of.

Do you require specific vendors?

Yes, and no, we have a list of vendors we require you to choose from and then we have a list you can use but aren't required to.  All of these vendors offer amazing services and complement each other well.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes. Tables and chairs for up to 130 are included in your reception rental.

Are all rental costs the same whether it is a wedding or other event?

No, weddings and privately hosted events are priced differently than not-for-profit events like group sales or fundraising events.

What about curtains?

The floor to ceiling curtains are included in the rental and are used to separate spaces throughout your event.

Can I have my ceremony at The Ashbury and is there a fee?

Yes! You can add this to your event contract at the time of booking.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

No. All alcohol must be provided from a licensed and insured vendor. Specific requirements can be provided upon request.

When can we start setting up for our event?

Your set-up time starts at the time of your contracted rental time. Additional set-up time may be discussed with your event manager.

Do I have to hire someone from your vendor list?

We require you to use a caterer & DJ from our preferred list. Outside of that, other vendors are your choice.

Are there decorating or other restrictions?

Yes. Decorations may not be stapled, nailed, glued, or taped to any surfaces. No balloons, glitter, confetti, or similar is allowed. No fireworks or sparklers are allowed. Candles are not allowed – flameless candles must be used.

Are there any other restrictions for my event?

Yes, all vendors must be approved in advance by management. The venue manager will be present during your event day to make sure the rules and regulations are followed. As a reminder, this is an event space and we do not have on-site staff for things like serving, catering, trash removal, etc. We ask that you coordinate and work with our venue manager to cover all of the details of your day.

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