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Loft Wedding Venues Outside Chicago: Alexa and Jersen’s Boho Celebration at The Ashbury

Bride and groom standing next to each other in front of trees

If you’re looking for loft wedding venues outside Chicago, make sure The Ashbury is on your list! The Ashbury quickly climbed to the top of Alexa and Jersen’s venue list as they loved the historic charm of the building. They also loved that we’ve hosted countless events so they felt confident we could help them bring their dream day to life. From the first look to the final dance, it was a day to remember!

Mother of the bride helping bride with her dress then hugging her

Loft Wedding Venues Outside Chicago

As soon as Alexa and Jersen stepped foot into The Ashbury, they knew it was a special place. As they were looking for loft wedding venues outside Chicago, The Ashbury’s industrial yet elegant charm immediately captured their hearts. They knew they wanted a venue with high ceilings and brick walls to bring that industrial warmth to their day and that's exactly what The Ashbury offers. Nestled in the heart of Elgin, with its rich history and scenic beauty, The Ashbury was the perfect setting for their love story to unfold.

Bride walking up behind groom for first look at loft wedding venue

Bride tapping groom on shoulder during first look

Bride and groom hugging during first look at loft wedding venue

Bride and groom standing with wedding party in front of ivy covered wall at The Ashbury

Bride and groom walking down alley with wedding party

Emotional First Look

Alexa and Jersen had an emotional first look upstairs prior to the ceremony. The couple got to enjoy a few private moments together before heading out to take photos with their wedding party. We especially loved the photos they took in front of the ivy colored brick wall as the wedding party’s attire complimented the ivy nicely.

Groom watching bride walk down the aisle during ceremony

Bride walking down the aisle with her mom and dad

Bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony at The Ashbury

Bride holding bouquet in air as she exits ceremony with groom

Bride and groom smiling while holding phone with grandmother on FaceTime

Boho Wedding Ceremony

Alexa and Jersen envisioned an intimate boho celebration that truly reflected their personalities and love story. We worked together closely to ensure their wedding was uniquely theirs. The Ashbury's flexible event spaces allowed us to craft a seamless flow, starting with an intimate ceremony bathed in the soft glow of afternoon light. The couple exchanged vows in front of two boho floral pillars that featured pampas grass, fan leaves, and pops of turquoise. It was a moving ceremony that everyone enjoyed, including one of their grandmothers who got to be in attendance through Facetime.

Tray of meatballs served during cocktail hour

Two tier wedding cake with boho details

Bride and groom's first dance at The Ashbury

Bride and groom dancing with guests during wedding reception

Lively Reception at Loft Wedding Venue

After the ceremony, it was time for cocktail hour so that we could flip the loft wedding venue for the reception. Guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as they mingled with the newlyweds and other guests. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the evening transformed into a lively reception. The Ashbury offered a warm and inviting ambiance for the reception so everyone had a great time. The dance floor came alive as Alexa and Jersen shared their first dance as a married couple, surrounded by the love and cheers of their closest friends and family. Then the dance floor opened for everyone and it was a non-stop dance party!

Alexa and Jersen's wedding at The Ashbury was a romantic boho day that was truly reflective of the couple’s personalities. The wedding brought the couple’s friends and family together for an epic celebration at our loft wedding venue. We love that our venue gets to be the beginning of so many love stories. If you’re looking for loft wedding venues outside Chicago, reach out so we can help bring your wedding dreams to life!

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Groom leaning against brick wall and looking out window

Groom smiling as he sees bride during the first look

Bride with bridesmaids in green dresses and groom with groomsmen in tan suits

Bride and groom kissing while wedding party looks on

Bride standing in front of ivy covered wall at The Ashbury

Bride and groom crossing the street in Elgin, IL

Two asymmetrical floral towers with palm leaves, pampas grass, and turquoise details

Bride and groom kissing at end of ceremony

Groom dancing with mom and bride and groom dancing during reception

Bride dancing with dad during wedding reception at The Ashbury


Venue: The Ashbury

Photographer: The Still Life

Entertainment: Remix Entertainment

Catering: My Chef Catering

Late Night Food: Cup of Noodles

Alcohol: The Bar

Cake/Sweets: Sweet Mandy B's

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